Where age is just a number... a musical theatre number!

June is when we celebrate Father's Day. 

We offer this 10 minute celebration of three special men in our lives plus some wonderful photos of a few Well Seasoned performers and their special someone.

Click HERE to watch.

Special thanks, once again, to Trish Adams for her continued work to keep WSP relevant in these difficult Covid times.

Warm regards,

Lesley Ballantyne, Trish Adams, and Reid Spencer

Well Seasoned Productions is showing our love for mothers everywhere.
Please enjoy this short video offering in celebration of three special women in our lives.
Click HERE to watch.

Warm regards,
Lesley Ballantyne, Trish Adams, and Mark Cassius

Well Seasoned Productions is showing our love for our professional senior performing artists as we celebrate five years of supporting and promoting their work.

This 10 and a half minute video offering is a retrospective in photos and archive audio clips of “then until now”.

Click HERE to watch it

So many people have offered their time and multiple talents to help us in our mission.

I would like to extend additional thanks to Trish Adams, one of our core group of volunteers, who has put so much time and effort into making this celebration video.

Warmest regards,

Lesley Ballantyne

PS  Norman A. Hart provided the lovely photos used in the "Putting on Your Glitz" at PAL Toronto. Our apologies for missing you in the credits.


We appreciate and have enjoyed reading all the positive comments. 

We miss performing for you in person, not to mention the joy and connection we, as performers and musicians, experience during the rehearsal process and performances.

We've got some (physically distanced) projects in the works for 2021 - details will be posted when everything is confirmed.

WSP is pleased to share this fantastic poster in support of fundraising efforts for PAL Toronto and PAL Futurecare.

                   This is a challenging time for all non-profits                       and every little bit helps.

If you are able, please make a 100.00 donation at the link below and receive a copy of this beautiful (12x18 inch)poster:


If you would like to make a smaller donation to PAL Toronto:


Thank you for supporting our senior artists.

We're still meeting via Zoom 

Top: Mark Cassius, Lesley Ballantyne

Bottom: Mark Candler, Trish Adams

We have wanted to get in touch with our many supporters and audience members as the novel corona virus swiftly closed down our theatres, film, and television productions. The more recent murders, and subsequent demonstrations all over the world have made us step back further and reflect on what we really wanted to say and what was appropriate and supportive at this time.

We know that live theatre is a shared experience, we laugh, cry, and breathe together. Theatre builds empathy or allows us to have empathy when we have not personally experienced something. We, as artists, want to express our empathy with recent world events. We may not understand everything but we see you, we stand with you, and we hold you in our love.

The BIPOC community, many of whom are our friends and colleagues, have experienced unspeakable trauma yet again. We will not stay silent when it comes to any form of racism. WSP denounces any and all discrimination, and will strive to be inclusive, understanding, and supportive to all.


Lesley Ballantyne, Trish Adams, Mark Candler, Mark Cassius

MUSICAL MUSINGS, our one-hour concerts for Seniors in the GTA


We hope everyone stays healthy and sane in these troubling times.  Please take care of yourselves and we'll look forward to entertaining you when circumstances allow.

Well Seasoned Productions (WSP) is a Toronto-based theatre company led, inspired, performed, accompanied, and created by professional Canadian artists aged 50+. Producer Lesley Ballantyne and Artistic Associate Mark Cassius, and their team bring their collective musical theatre expertise to an under-served area of the theatre industry – that of senior professional artists.

Age should not be a defining factor in one’s ability to entertain and move audiences, yet older artists are often neglected. Their years of experience are an invaluable resource and WSP is tapping into that and celebrating their talent. Our performances aim at enriching audiences of all ages, while specifically shedding light on issues and emotions pertinent to mature artists.

We embrace the “delights” of ageing. At the heart of our musical revues is a genuine and humorous look at the issues and emotions we will all face as we age. We want everyone to leave the shows with a song in their heart, a laugh on their lips, and a spring in their step. The repertoire includes Canadian musical theatre, Broadway, and popular music selections.

For further information on Well Seasoned Productions please contact:

Lesley Ballantyne             Lesley@wellseasonedproductions.ca

TO BE ADDED TO OUR EMAIL LIST  please email your name and contact information to Trish Adams