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Well Seasoned Productions is grateful for individual donations, corporate sponsorship, and community partners who support our work. Your contribution will provide support and opportunities to offer live performances, special concerts in seniors homes, and video recordings that inspire, celebrate, and promote the vibrant contributions of our professional Canadian artists who are aged 50 and better.
There are three ways to make a tax-deductible donation to Well Seasoned Productions:
              Online via Canada Helps EARLY
              E-Transfer: email
             Cheque - made out to Well Seasoned Productions and mailed to 181 First Avenue, Toronto ON M4M 1X3


“When I got the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, I wasn't sure if I would ever have the chance to perform at a professional level again. Thanks for supporting me personally to be the best I could be, on stage and in the rehearsal hall, while dealing with my health struggles.”

“My mother especially noted how wonderful it was to see people her age up there just killing it! We all need to know that life, passion and talent do not have an expiry date- it really does just get better and better.”

“Well Seasoned Productions does amazing work in supporting senior performers”

“It does an old gal’s heart good to feel wanted and appreciated again. It’s a self-esteem booster to be a part of something I love doing, alongside some of the most experienced and talented folks I have the pleasure of knowing – some over 40 years.”

"I was serous when I said that you brought me back to life! These past five years with the cancer, the shattered bones and the pandemic took its toll on me. I got a little lost. I was sure my days as a performer were over But from the first rehearsal I felt like I’d come home. I was reminded how much a part of me this is and how much I love it. "

" I hope that the company will continue to produce for years to come because what you do is unique and vital in an industry that places so much value on youth.


It is incredible to watch that level of experience highlighted on one stage. I was blown away by the dancing and stage presence of all the performers. Everyone was authentic, unique and brilliant!!

It is so important to get this demographic on stage in front of all ages! It is so inspiring for all of us! My mother especially noted how wonderful it was to see people her age up there just killing it! We all need to know that life, passion and talent do not have an expiry date- it really does just get better and better.

Your company fills a huge need for so many. I am so excited to see what is coming next!                                                                   Rosalind Mills

I had a grin on my face throughout the entire performance. Congratulations to a wonderful company.
Vince J. Ciarlo

It was a wonderful two hours of entertainment! Thank you all. I needed the laughter and seeing you perform again was such a treat.
Amy Mark

We attended this performance yesterday. OMG it was fabulous! So glad we were able to make it! Great performance by all!
Joan Therrien

You put on the most enjoyable evening! I really did leave feeling lighter and happier!
"I'm so happy the we had this time together" too!   (I am also so happy to know that tap is not dead!)
Ellen Cameron


“I am pleased to be able to work with these truly well seasoned professional performers. Their dedication, experience and enthusiasm take them far along their new and exciting path. We all look forward to their opening night!”                            

                                                (the late)  Dr. Joseph Green, Professor Emeritus, York University, and Mentor for Well Seasoned Productions

“I fully support WELL SEASONED PRODUCTIONS. I have been performing onstage for over 50 years now and I truly believe I am just getting the hang of it! The idea of a platform for all of us to keep doing what we love and entertaining audiences is a stunning idea. I hope I can play a role in this fabulous idea. We may be getting a little older but that just means we are getting better.”                                                                                                                                                                          Sheila McCarthy, Performer                                                                                                                               

"As a 'weathered veteran' myself, I can only applaud any effort being made to keep the most experienced and talented people of my generation working productively, and connected to the public they have worked so hard to grow. As we both know, 'old actors never die’. They just fade away when complacency and indifference allow them to. For the benefit of all, that needn't be so."                                                                                                                                                           Marilyn Lightstone, Performer, Writer, Radio Host

“Brilliant! Utterly Brilliant!! This concept kicks butt, it rocks, it’s heaven sent! Despite traditional concepts that lock us septuagenarians into a rocking chair knitting dodderers, our talents and energies today are in a truly nifty place. We keen to evidence our well-honed skills. Kudos to Well Seasoned Productions! I’d LOVE to play with these splendid folks.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pam Hyatt, Performer                                                                                                                                                                            

"There should be no age-bias when it comes to talent and the creative team that is involved with Well Seasoned Productions are all individuals who have proven through their years of experience, that they know how to engage audiences and are all still demonstrating their enormous talents through their current work.  We look forward to partnering with Well Seasoned and finding ways that we can collaborate on projects and utilize their talents to entertain and enrich our growing audiences."                                                                                                                                                                   Briane Nasimok, Past President, Smile Theatre                                                                                                              

Break a hip with your production company. It's a great if only I could remember where I put my glasses.”    

                                                                                                                                                                           Stephen Witkin, Writer